Sunday, March 25, 2007

No Good Deed Shall Go Unpunished

"I couldn't pay people to work this hard"
Denise Cramsey, Executive Producer of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"
I found this quote -- Ms. Cramsey is talking about the volunteers who help build the homes for the families on this reality TV program -- in my local newspaper this weekend. I hate this "dark side" of my personality but my instant question when I read the short article about this TV program - hosted by Ty Pennington which simply transforms peoples' lives by building them a nice home - was, "this is a great charity event but how do these financially challenged families afford the inevitable increase in property taxes?"
So I did a quick search on Brian Wofford who was featured in Season 2 of this program. The weblink below is for a 2004 San Diego newspaper article which notes that Mr. Wofford's local property taxes were most likely going to double --
"A spokesman for the IRS said no ruling has been issued on tax implications facing "Extreme Makeover" households and advised participants to seek advice from tax attorneys and CPAs."
The bottom line -- even if you freely donate your time and materials as an act of charity to help another human being achieve the American Dream you have caused a "taxable event" which the tax collectors will chase for the pound of flesh they demand.
So much for the "land of the free" when even good deeds are punished by the revenuers.

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Anonymous said...

Not to mention:
1. How these people get a brand new home without earning it in any way whatsoever other than being poor or sick. (If that gets you a brand new home, I should consider quitting my job and going broke).
2. How much hard work of remodeling is edited out of the show so viewers aren't bored with real work, thereby teaching young viewers no value whatsoever for work and workmanship.
3. No talk about all the new expenses involved in upkeep of a new home: cleaning ethics, immediate repairs, materials such as paint and varnish, supplies such as lawn mower and tools.

But, hey, wait a minute, by watching this program I am essentially paying for building this house, right? What do they care...