Thursday, March 01, 2007


While attending the Conservative Political Action Conference ("CPAC" - in Washington DC this week I met with a former colleague, Dr. Anthony Moscati, who is truly doing God's work since he is the Executive Director of -- Anglican Orphans of Kenya:

"The school's purpose is to provide education to AIDS orphans and other disadvantaged youth in Nairobi. Violence, famine and illness in the surrounding countries of Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda and the Sudan have driven many refugees into Kenya where they populate the slums. In addition to providing Christian-based education, the outreach will also afford the student one good meal a day."

Tony's description of his work was not only inspiring it also encouraged me to offer a prayer of thanks for my mother and father -- I am truly blessed to have them in my life. So, if any of my readers (yes, both of you!!!) want to support or promote this program to help orphaned children please consider contacting Tony at --

Granted I am not a theologian but I know the Bible well enough to know that God only expects us to give 10% (a "tithe") of our wealth to support the church/charity/religious organizations but government on the other hand expects us to surrender nearly 50% of our wealth when you aggregate our numerous taxes -- federal income, Social Security, state income, sales, property, excise, luxury, gasoline....................

For those of you out there whose "golden calf" is Big Government let me encourage you to convert because you giving your money to charities like Tony's (or any cause you support) is a hell of a lot better than letting government bureaucrats decide where your money should go :0)

Peace, Todd

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