Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back in Civilization

Hello again readers!!

After nearly 8 days of canoeing in Northern Minnesota I have returned to "civilization" to resume my blogging. I put civilization in quotes to pose the question -- which is more civilized? a.) paddling around a set of lakes with your friends coupled with a daily nap in a hammock or b.) experiencing road rage during your daily commute followed by a pile of junk mail and telemarketing calls once you return to your home cave ?

Since I enjoy being married with children I opted to return to what most people call "civilization" by returning to my home in the suburbs of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Upon our return to the canoe outfitter's office I started getting up to date on the latest news. During my trip here are some key developments I missed:

  • US Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez announced he was resigning -- no I did not send my resume to the White House!!
  • US Senator Larry Craig (Republican of Idaho) announced he was resigning due to a police sting operation in June 2007 at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport that targeted men seeking sexual relations in the rest room. Fortunately I did not fly anywhere in June so I was not at the airport at the time!!
  • My Iowa State University Cyclones lost their home opener in football to the "football powerhouse" (insert laughter here) Kent State University. Why oh why do they play such non-conference games? I would much rather my Cyclones play the University of Minnesota Gophers -- then at least we would have two NCAA Division I football teams playing each other not David vs. Goliath match ups which produces only hollow victories or VERY embarrassing losses.

Well enough of the news review and commentary -- let me return to our canoe trip. If any of my readers wants to experience raw nature and get away from the rat race you can start your research at -- www.ely.org. After we returned from canoeing we spent the day touring the City of Ely, Minnesota where we visited the Dorothy Molter Museum (www.rootbeerlady.com).

I met Ms. Molter in the early 1980's during one our canoe trips since she lived in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area since 1930 until her death in 1986. She was known as the "root beer lady" because of her home made root beer what she produced for selling to travelers in the area. The museum tour reinforced my personal thinking that government too often disrupts peoples' lives as it did with Ms. Molter when they told her she had to leave her beloved Isle of Pines. She repeatedly told the government "no" or "you aren't offering me enough money" which ultimately resulted in her being allowed to live there the rest of her life. Ms. Molter's fighting spirit not only battled Mother Nature but also the US federal government which is an inspiration for all of us.

The bottom line for me is that the canoe trip was very fun and very relaxing but now it is time to get back to work and blogging so please stay tuned for future commentaries.

May your life be filled with tail winds,



Heather said...

welcome back...i can't wait to go with you one of these days!

Anonymous said...

Can this Hawkeye girl focus on this for just a moment:

My Iowa State University Cyclones lost their home opener in football to the "football powerhouse" (insert laughter here) Kent State University.

Between that and Michigan it was a a delightful weekend. I must relish what I can when I know that my euphoria won't last for long. So really... squeeeeeeeeeeee!

Welcome back to civilization.

Holstein (Hawkeye) Girl