Friday, September 07, 2007


Three un-related news stories regarding "women" that I collected over the last few weeks are summarized below --

  • "High school sports helps girls stick with college" -- Sadly yet another university study (tax dollars involved??), this one from Brigham Young University, that simply confirms what garage logicians (see the Garage Logic Show on KSTP AM 1500 for background -- like me have known most of our lives. In my high school participation in sports and excellent academic performance went hand in hand for most of the athletes. Since sports teach out children discipline, responsibility, time management, and team work you develop the skills needed for college.
  • Cindy Sheehan -- the mother made famous via the anti-Iraq War protest she led outside the "western White House" at President George Bush's Crawford, Texas ranch has declared she is a candidate for the US House of Representatives seat currently held by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco. Given the peace activist community in San Francisco and Speaker Pelosi's failure to bring the troops home after her nearly one year in office this Sheehan-Pelosi primary election is clearly one to watch. In fact opponents of Speaker Pelosi - like me - might be highly motivated to write a campaign check to Ms. Sheehan!!! November 2008 could be very interesting.
  • Hillary Care -- while reading the June 2007 issue of State Legislatures magazine I noticed their State by State Report Card for 2004 entitled, "Making the Grade on Women's Health". While my adopted state of Minnesota received the #1 ranking I was shocked to see Arkansas ranked at #49 out of 51!!! Arkansas - home of Bill and Hillary Clinton when he was governor until 1993 when he become president so I doubt their "health care paradise" could have been destroyed in only 11 years by future governors. This is the same Hillary who chaired the task force that tried to have the federal government take over the entire US health care industry.

Bottom line for me -- I am looking forward to our daughter being in school sports but fear Hillary Clinton being elected President in 2008.


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