Thursday, September 20, 2007

United (not all of them) Nations

Yet another reason to dissolve the current United Nations (UN) to be replaced with an open, international discussion society having no police powers, no military resources, and no presence in the USA. Per my earlier blog posting -- since the UN will not be shuttered anytime soon -- we should at least move the current UN headquarters from New York City to Strasbourg, France to use the European Parliament's "one week per month" parliament building.

So why close the UN? My local newspaper -- in a VERY, VERY small article -- noted today that the UN voted this week to deny once again, for the 15th time, the Republic of China (Taiwan)'s application to become a full member of the UN. Bowing of course to the wishes of the 1.3 billion person marketplace known as the People's Republic of China ("Red China" for us Cold War warriors).

Yes I know the official policy line -- "Taiwan is a breakaway province of mainland China so Taiwan is not a sovereign nation............" But since Taiwan and China aren't really on speaking terms especially since travel is highly restricted below these two entities how are the Taiwanese represented in the UN's General Assembly? Taiwan is a nation of millions of people living in a representative democracy that has highly competitive elections --- a stark contrast from mainland China. So "China" is really split into two entities today much like the Korean peninsula is split into two nations -- Democratic People's Republic and Korea (North Korea - home to uber-dictator Kim Jong Il who keeps his people in a permanent state of slavery to his regime) and the Republic of Korea (South Korea). Details on UN membership can be found at --

If the UN can allow the two Koreas to be full members why can't Taiwan and China both have seats at the table of nations in New York City?

Like the League of Nations the United Nations has reached its natural demise so it should be closed today.

Unite via free trade not via the baby blue flag,


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Resurgam Pretty Lady said...

I work for the UN, so I know it isn't a perfect organisation. Sometimes I t hink dissolving it is the right idea, but then I think about the fact that a country like the US et al would have a free reign without even the fear of criticism to reign it in.

I actually think the UN should have its own army, a proper army, one that can fire back...

The UN is not perfect (I work in the Middle East with Palestinians) but it is all we got for now.

All the best.