Saturday, September 29, 2007

Police Courtesy

Yes a news flash for my Big Government friends out there - I actually had a PLEASANT experience with a government employee yesterday. Since I fear the police officer I am referring to will be reprimanded for his decision to give me a break I will not disclose which Minnesota city I was in but I can assure you I will gladly go there again to spend money in their restaurants and theatres due to the courtesy that was extended to me by this officer.

It was a very basic situation whereby I left a meeting later than I planned on so as I ran around the corner of the office building to get to my automobile (okay -- earth killing SUV!!) before the parking meter expired I saw a parking enforcement police officer standing in front of my SUV. So I yelled to him with a smile as I ran to my automobile-- "hey officer, I was just leaving..........." The officer did not pause opting to put his ticket pad away, smiling to me, and telling me to "have a good day............"

Well I certainly did have a good day given this officer's empowered decision to decide that I posed no threat or burden to the community thus he could "give me a break" by not writing a tickets. The benefit to the city of course is via goodwill -- I avoided a 20 or 20 dollar parking ticket so the money saved could be spent during a meal at one of this city's restaurants which is highly likely due to my business work and socializing with my wife.

This officer reassured me that we can live well if we all respect some version of a social contract.



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