Tuesday, September 25, 2007


The President of Iran's visit to the United Nations (unfortunately it is located in the USA of course) has dominated the news here for the last two days. First was his speech at Columbia University and today was his address at the United Nations' General Assembly. During his Columbia speech (rightly met with large numbers of protesters!!) he stated that ""Iran does not have homosexuals like you do here.............." (paraphrasing).

Now his comment was not explained so you have to wonder -- did he mean that in his Islamic Republic utopia homosexuality was an unknown concept or perhaps was he giving us a hint that a "final solution" had been found for homosexuals? I simply can't tell if the President is so homophobic that he had all known homosexuals killed, deported, or he simply believes it is impossible to have homosexuals in the world he lives in.

When I first heard his statement I could not help but think of US Senator Larry Craig of Idaho since he was on the front page of today's local newspaper AGAIN since he is fighting his guilty plea to soliciting sexual relations in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota airport restroom. Since Senator Craig has ZERO political future in Idaho I am thinking he should relocate to the Islamic Republic of Iran so he can avoid all homosexual advances since apparently there are no homosexuals in Iran we are told. Although their police sting operations are a bit more brutal than American ones given the history of the Revolutionary Guards of Iran so be careful out there Senator Craig :-)

Now if my blog doesn't make you laugh at times then you should visit the Iranian president's blog which you can find at --


While he does not post very often I do visit the blog to see what his latest crazy comments are so today I received quite a surprise since an American posted a very flattering comment (assuming it is a real person who posted) about the president. He is what this American said --

Bradley Hankins
Your leadership for your country is one of the best in present day society. I wish that America had the guts like you to do whats right, and not what your rich company owners to control the government. Keep up the good work!

Mr. Hankins -- not only is your grammar terrible but your knowledge of the world situation and Iran in particular is incredibly lacking. Please take the time to read a few books, magazines, newspapers, and websites about Iran before you post another comment. For instance the Reason Foundation's recent magazine (www.reason.org) contains an article entitled, "Iran's Next Revolution", which will help educate you.

Finally -- I do agree with the President of Iran that the current world power structure needs to be changed but not exactly like he envisions!! We need to move the headquarters of the United Nations to a country other than the USA. Instead of New York City let's move the UN to one of these potential hosts -- Iran, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Chad, Burma, and even Belarus. How many UN bureaucrats do you think would want to retain their jobs by relocating?

Time for you to return to Iran Mr. President,


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