Monday, September 17, 2007

Police Locations

One of my memories of growing up in Iowa is when then Governor Terry Branstad successfully sold off all of the state-owned liquor stores. My hometown had one of these stores so the state government was our "dealer" but once the store was sold I remember it being converted into a western clothing store at some point. So the government left the liquor market and NO ONE opened a liquor store in my home town thus showing how the free market works not to mention the obvious improvement in health.

I thought about this recently because now I live in a city in Minnesota that owns some liquor stores because as our mayor tells me - "............that way we can better control/eliminate underage drinking................." Yea right!! My city is a land-locked suburb surrounded by other suburbs so doesn't the mayor think that minors will simply drive to a nearby city to purchase booze!!? Me thinks the city government simply loves the tax revenue that liquor sales produce but I am happy to be proven wrong so I ask my readers who are big government advocates to please educate my tiny monkey on this issue.

So our city has a number of government buildings -- city hall, city maintenance, fire stations, liquor stores, and even a golf course club house -- so instead of having all of our police located in the central "cop shop" why not create police sub-stations in the fire stations and liquor stores? That way our police are spread out around our fair city so they can more quickly respond to emergency calls. Additionally what better way to combat underage drinking then by having police officers working in an office INSIDE the government liquor store!!! In fact the police could review individual customers' purchasing records so they could turn over known heavy drinkers to the health police?

Yes, what a Utopian police state this would be whereby the infrastructure created via our tax dollars would be used to manage even greater aspects of our lives.

Privatization produces freedom,


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