Monday, September 17, 2007

Cops on You Tube

This weekend I read a small but disturbing news report but after some basic research I found a humorous side to the story so here is a light-hearted posting - finally - that my readers (okay, just my wife!!) have been calling for since I usually rant here about government programs.

So the headline that inspired this posting was, "Officer quits over You Tube videos", which might make the casual reader think someone captured a police brutality incident on video. But nooooooooooooooo!! It turns out that a Columbus, Ohio police officer, Susan Purtee aged 60, and her sister posted homemade videos on You Tube where they "disparaged" the following groups:

blacks, Jews, Cubans, and illegal immigrants

Since Officer Purtee is 60 years old I would guess she overlooked elderly drivers in her video rants :-)

As for my basic research I simply checked on the origin of the "Purtee" family name. As it turns out Purtee is a an IRISH name!! Hopefully all of you history students out there remember the signs in store windows stating "No Irish need to apply" in the USA when waves of Irish immigrants came to the USA -- to become cops in New York City or is that just another stereotype Officer Purtee!!???

Going back even further in origin though we find that the Purtee family name comes from the Norman-French word "porcel" which is derived from the Latin word "porcus" which as you might guess means "pig" or "piglet"!!

So in summary -- we have a racist cop in Ohio who hails from an oppressed immigrant group (Irish) whose family name means "pig" which of course is a very derogatory nick name for police officers.

Officer Purtee's resignation from the police force is effective on September 22nd so I hope she enjoys her retirement complete with a pension paid for by taxpayers ( you knew I had to get a jab in there somewhere) :-)

Erin go braugh,


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