Monday, September 24, 2007

Steve Fossett

World famous explorer - Steve Fossett - is the subject of a massive search and recovery mission in the State of Nevada, USA. Mr. Fossett went missing on September 3 during a planned three hour trip he was making in a single engine plane.

Based on the recent news reports I have reviewed the search status has been downgraded thus suggesting that officials feel Mr. Fossett will not be found alive. Not only is the loss of human life sad but the loss of Mr. Fossett would be especially sad because I loved his sense of adventure -- something that is often not appreciated in our sterile, modern world where peanut allergies and days off for students due to high temperatures dominate our schools.

However there is an even more personal reason that I am saddened to hear Mr. Fossett might not have survived his last adventure. One aspect of Mr. Fossett's life I have not seen mentioned in media reports is that is the incoming president of the National Eagle Scout Association ( of which I am a member.

In his letter to NESA members (via the organization's magazine) Mr. Fossett noted that in his term as president of NESA he was going to focus on three projects:

  • Database -- locating and databasing all Eagle Scout award winners
  • Website -- improving NESA's current website
  • Scholarships -- raising money to fund more Eagle Scout scholarships to ensure members can access college opportunities

Should we find that Mr. Fossett has indeed died in Nevada the world will not only lose a great explorer but the National Eagle Scouts Association will lose an exceptional leader that will be extremely difficult to replace.

God's speed Mr. Fossett,


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jdsqrd said...

Sandy and I both stood outside in blustery weather at the Salina Municipal Airport to watch Mr. Fossett take off on his first record setting solo airplane flight around the world. He will be missed.