Sunday, February 04, 2007

12 Steps

My church had a guest pastor deliver the sermon at the service I attended this morning -- Super Bowl Sunday of course -- which was focused on "addiction and recovery" primarily alcoholism. The pastor's stories of his addiction counseling reminded me of my Saturday morning hand ball matches with my buddy, Jim Murphy, who tragically was killed in an airplane crash years ago. Jim insisted we play our weekly match at 8 am on Saturdays because he was an Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) sponsor so he could help others. Since these matches occurred during my drinking days I would show up for many of these matches with a hang over which always made me reflect on Jim's good works.

Now the pastor did not directly connect football and addiction but the term "football widow" was undoubtedly coined years ago because many men are addicted to being arm chair quarterbacks with SportsCenter as their mistress. Addiction of course takes many different forms so if any readers of this blog need assistance here are some weblinks provided in today's church program: -- Alcoholics Anonymous -- Narcotics Anonymous -- Gamblers Anonymous -- Citizens Against Government Waste - for recovering tax and spend politicians (you know I had to get that message inserted somewhere!!)

Thanks Jim,


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