Tuesday, February 13, 2007


While working in Little Rock, Arkansas this week I was happen to discover a season schedule at my hotel's lobby desk for the Arkansas Twisters (www.arkansastwisters.com) of the Arena Football League 2 so hopefully I can catch a game later this year. Always great to see football being available. Overall I have really enjoyed working in Little Rock - my first visit here - since the downtown economy looks healthy, the people are friendly, and they have a great collection of restaurants.

Tonight's restaurant venue was "SO Restaurant -Bar" in the Hillcrest neighborhood of Little Rock. My meal began with their house salad along with their filet steak (butterflied, medium well!!!) with vegetable medley. I loved SO's decor which was dominated by a wine cellar motif and they had quality wait staff so I would rank them as a "3.5" on my 5 point scale primarily because my filet was simply excellent since it crumbled in my mouth.

Tomorrow's visits include the Arkansas History Museum, the state capitol, and -- I never thought I would be saying this -- the Bill Clinton Presidential Library!!!

Feel my pain :)


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Anonymous said...

Don't forget to get an "I Miss Bill" bumper sticker while you are there! ;>)

I had an exceptionally giddy moment when I was sitting at a stoplight and saw someone mouthing the words "I miss Bill too" after reading my bumper sticker. Whoda thunkit in Nebraska that I might find someone who is similarly like minded? Gives me a little hope when I see polls that are distinctly showing I am climbing a big mountain here!

Holstein Girl