Thursday, February 01, 2007

Wine Production

While listening to one of my favorite talk radio shows ( "Bob Davis on KSTP" , 9 am to 12 noon Central USA time Monday through Friday) this morning I heard the host comment on the fact that the Vikings (perhaps some of my ancestors!!) used to grow grapes in Greenland but then the Ice Age advanced thus creating modern day Greenland complete with permafrost and icebergs:,6137.html -- KSTP AM 1500

Are the global warming alarmists just now realizing that the earth's climate does indeed change regardless of human activity?? Perhaps our modern day world is SO dominated by air conditioning and indoor activities driven by big screen TVs, computers, and video games it has left modern day humans completely out of touch with Mother Nature. Personally I love to go camping, hiking, and canoeing so I have a greater sense of nature than most people do who simply go from their air conditioned homes to their air conditioned vehicles to their air conditioned offices to their air conditioned health clubs to finally return to their air conditioned homes.

Now back to the Vikings who were perhaps the original "immigrants" since they liked to "visit" :) many places including Greenland which they settled. In the USA our modern day focus regarding immigrants is on Mexicans which have increasingly moved farther north into the cold weather states like Iowa and Minnesota. Yes it is very large leap of logic but perhaps the global warming alarmists simply don't like the world's weather patterns changing because such changes cause immigration -- much like the Vikings who left modern day Denmark to settle in Greenland modern day Mexicans are "settling" large parts of the USA.

Does Al Gore's documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth", have an agenda to drive economic/public policy changes in the USA to stem the flow of Mexican immigration due to underlying racism driven by an effort to protect trade union jobs? Yes I love a conspiracy but love comments from my blog readers even more so let's hear from you.

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