Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Super Bowl post-game

As with every Super Bowl there were a plethora of post-game stories regarding -- the TV ads, Peyton Manning as MVP, potential player trades, etc. -- but two stories that were of particular interest to me included:

SNOOP BOWL III - this championship football game was held the day before Sunday's Super Bowl for a youth football league created by rapper, Snoop Dogg, in 2005 designed to create football opportunities for at-risk children in the Los Angeles area. USA Today reported that this year the league had 2,000 players which is rather impressive. Snoop Bowl III was won by the Snoop Doog All-Stars over a team from South Florida by a 7 to 0 score. Perhaps ESPN's SportsCenter covered this story but if they didn't let me call on them to add it to their line up in 2008 to inspire kids and parents around the country since playing football teaches children discipline, respect for authority, and teamwork. The funny footnote here is that Los Angeles does not have a National Football League (NFL) team so perhaps the Snoop Dogg All-Stars should be playing at the L.A. Coliseum :)

SUPER BOWL COMPOSITE RECORDS - my thanks to USA Today for publishing the overall records of the all NFL teams who have ever played in the Super Bowl. At the top of the pile are the San Francisco 49'ers with a 5 wins and 0 losses Super Bowl record while at the bottom of the trough are my beloved Minnesota Vikings with 0 wins and 4 losses (which ties them with the Buffalo Bills). The funny thing for me is that in junior high I was a 49'ers fan after touring the city on a family vacation but I am sticking with the Vikings who I am confident will win the Super Bowl before I retire :)

Keep up the good work Snoop,


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