Thursday, February 22, 2007

5 of 10 pages

While reading the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (SLPD) newspaper yesterday the front page headline caught my attention -- "XM-Sirius Merger" -- which is the story of the two competing satellite radio companies merging into one company thus raising "regulatory challenges." What a joke -- when will consumer groups and big government advocates leave the economy alone???!! In case these people don't know it already let me state the obvious -- satellite radio service is NOT a basic human need by any means thus leave this merger alone because if the merged company raises rates on consumers they will simply drop the service (and still live somehow!!) thus creating an opportunity for new market players to enter.

That said, what I want to focus on in this posting is the fact that the SLPD's business section had a total of 10 pages --- a full 5 of these pages were consumed with full page employment ads focused on "Health Care Opportunities" -- primarily looking for nurses.

This got me wondering what Missouri's unemployment rate is so I found it at --

The end of December 2006 rate was at 4.9% which in economic terms is considered "full employment" so since the states of Michigan and Mississippi were dead last in this ranking at 7.1 and 7.5% unemployment rates let me encourage the laid off/recently retired auto workers of Michigan to escape their poor economy by relocating to Missouri via job re-training I am certain they can secure from General Motors.

Health is wealth,


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