Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Family Business

While driving through Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas this week I listened to a political talk radio show which had a guest speaker (I did not catch his name) who predicted that US Senator/former first lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton, will be elected President of the USA in November 2008. The speaker went on to note that some big players in the Democratic Party in New York State want former US President Bill Clinton to be appointed to fill the remainder of Senator Clinton's term should she be elected in 2008. This is very possible since New York's current governor is former Attorney General Eliot "you are under investigation" Spitzer.

But why stop there??!!!!!!!!!!!???????

Let's call on President Hillary Clinton to appoint their daughter - Chelsea Clinton - to any future opening on the US Supreme Court.

Even better -- let's hope that US Senator Barack Obama (Illinois) is elected as President Clinton's Vice President thus creating another open/unexpired US Senate seat to be appointed by the Democratic governor of Illinois. Now this would be an opportunity to get Senator/Vice President-elect Obama's wife, Michelle (http://firstspouses2008.blogspot.com/2007_01_01_archive.html) appointed to fill this senate seat.

Now that is a clan-like consolidation of power that should be avoided at all costs -- but it is politically and legally possible. Good thing Hillary declared New York as her legal residence and not her home state of Illinois otherwise she and Obama could not run as a party ticket together.

This is one family business I would note support.


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