Monday, February 19, 2007

Candidate Sprawl

While traveling to Des Moines, Iowa I read today's USA Today which included an article entitled, "Campaigns find new homes in Iowa." This article was focused on the 2008 presidential candidates who are opening campaign offices in Des Moines. Due to impressive business development in downtown Des Moines office rents have increased since the 2004 Iowa caucuses thus forcing presidential candidates to secure offices beyond the central business corridor.

Now this is interesting!!! When a family decides to leave the central city for a bigger home, better schools, and lower taxes in the suburbs far too many politicians label such freedom of choice -- "urban sprawl" -- but when presidential candidates pursue a similar quality of life improvement it is simply labeled a search for "inexpensive space."

One candidate example to consider is Iowa's former Governor and 2008 presidential candidate, Tom Vilsack's spokesman -- Josh Earnest -- who is quoted by USA Today as saying this regarding their office being located on the "city's (Des Moines) western edge":

"We're closer to the airport, closer to the freeway, and there's plenty of growth space."

This sounds like a quote from two yuppie parents explaining their move from the city to a suburban address. For an overview of quotes regarding urban sprawl from a wide range of US governors please visit this website:
Governors' State of the State and Budget Speeches
January 4 - March 7, 2000

See you in the 'burbs,



jdsqrd said...

It won't be long before the new office inhabitants complain about the noise from the jets and cars they chose to be near.

David said...

good for me, but not for thee!