Wednesday, February 28, 2007


While working in Austin, Texas this week I stopped in a local deli called "Kevin's Cookies and Deli" ( There was only one man working at the time which prompted me to ask, "so are you Kevin?", to which he replied , "no I am Trey, I purchased the store from Kevin about 3 years ago............" I was interested in knowing if he was "Kevin" since it is always interesting to meet entrepreneurs focused on building their little piece of the world. As basic as it may seem we need to remind people constantly -- entrepreneurs created jobs not governments, governments simply allow jobs to be created.

So to Joe P. "Trey" Williams III and the other entrepreneurs out there let me say "thank you" for doing what you do. I hope we see tax reform that allows you to keep more of the wealth you produce so you can create more jobs for the rest of us.

Try the bran muffin,


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David said...

Bran muffin?

Regularity problems Todd, or are you just obsessively healthy?